Flowlake for Enterprise FSI Backoffice Automation

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Improve efficiency. Cut costs. Minimize operational risk.

Flowlake FSI Backoffice BPMS

Flowlake’s Enterprise Automation Platform has been purpose-built for financial service backoffice operations. Sitting on top of our data automation platform, Flowlake helps you augment or entirely replace your payments hub. We’re able to automate those pesky settlements regardless of complexity, at a cost that justifies itself even for low-volume products. With our code-free rapid automation technology, we put accelerate enterprise-grade development for large institutions, while enabling smaller organizations to offer products and services that corporate and retail clients now expect from their banks and financial service providers.

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  • Ready to Use Payment and Settlement Templates
  • Code-Free Payment Modeling and Orchestration
  • White-Glove Service For Institutions of All Sizes
  • Focus On IT Simplification
  • Rapid Deployment and Integration
  • Industry-Leading Pricing

Flowlake Solutions have powered Financial Institutions for years:

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Simplifying Adoption

  • Enablement Oriented

    Our teams are on hand to provide you the enablement and support you need to automate your payments and settlements, no matter how complex your ecosystem or limited your internal resources.

  • On-Prem or In-Cloud

    We’re cloud-native, yet on-prem friendly. Whether you need to deploy across regions in your cloud provider of choice, or whether you need to meet your organizations security and performance requirements, we have a deployment option for you.

  • Full Data Security

    We integration with your access control paradigm and ensure all your sensitive data is encrypted while performant.

  • Open-Source Core

    We only work with OSS to ensure you don’t have to deal with complicated 3rd party licensing or existing vendor relationships.

Doing The Dirty Work

Flowlake services are here to ensure your operational automation goals are met on-time and in-budget.
  • Managed Backoffice
  • Swift GPI Deployment
  • Payments Orchestration
  • Client AP/AR Connectivity
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