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We know that solution providers are only as good as the services sitting alongside their tech. That’s why we provide world-class services to a range of institutions from around the globe.
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Managed Backoffice Services
Organizations big and small face challenges when automating new product settlements. Whether you have a robust infrastructure with a tough to iterate environment, or you are a startup financial service institution looking to outsource backoffice execution, Flowlake services help clients improve operational efficiencies and launch new business lines.
Payment Orchestration
Large organizations accumulate a broad collection of payment messaging rails, only loosely connected to corresponding clients, product types, correspondents, regions, and more. With so much complexity guiding your core backoffice orchestration, even the best payments teams struggle with rules-based orchestration and routing. Our experts temporarily embed into your team to orchestrate your payments, with no long term resource outlay.
Swift GPI Deployment
Swift GPI is the future of corporate treasury tracking. Modern corporate finance departments require integrated solutions with clear payment tracking. Our engineers can help you deliver an in-house GPI experience that matches your top-notch financial services.
Client AP/AR Integration Platform
Corporate clients demand well integrated payments solutions, even when their AR/AP or ERP systems are antiquated, niche, or otherwise unsupported by your banking platform provider. Leveraging the Flowlake platform, we're able to rapidly deliver custom file connectors at industry leading value.
Consulting with Value
We know the stereotypes for consulting services, and we're here to break those expectations. We're banking automation nerds who love what we do. Too much of financial services IT is broken: legacy software, poor user experiences, and limited product selection are just some of the problems that we love to help client's solve in pursuit of delivering excellent financial services to their end-users. Talk to us today to see if we can solve these issues for you and your clients too.
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